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The Innovest staff and management team deliver innovative solutions to your asset management challenges.


Innovest partners with our clients to understand their businesses and their needs in the highly competitive landscape of today's financial services industry.


Innovest has over $425 billion in assets under administration on its trust and wealth management platform, processes more than 4 million payments annually and provides fulfillment services for more than 10 million documents including checks, advices, and tax forms each year.


Innovest's wholly owned subsidiary, FinTech Securities, executes over 69 million equity shares annually.


Innovest empowers its clients to acquire new customers, invest assets effectively, manage trust and investment portfolios efficiently, and flexibly report results. 


About Glenn:

Glenn is responsible for overseeing the client service, implementation, operations, and product development teams for Innovest's Trust and Wealth Management Systems division.  


Additionally, Glenn contributes to Innovest's overall strategic planning.  


Prior to his joining Innovest, Glenn was most recently with J.P. Morgan as vice president of product and platform for the Trust and Estates business.  His prior experience includes managing director of Trust Services at Charles Schwab where he was responsible for the launch of the trust outsourcing business as well as product development and trust operations.  


Prior to his work with Charles Schwab, Glenn held management and operational positions at Innovest and SunGard Data Systems Inc.


Glenn received his Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of Scranton.


Reducing Risk And Streamlining The Complexities Of Benefit Payments

Innovest’s cutting edge, comprehensive solution - InnoPay

Since the Baby Boomer generation began to retire in 2011, benefit payments have become an increasingly demanding task for trust companies.

The volume of payments has increased dramatically as the market absorbs roughly 10,000 new retirees a day.

Meanwhile, as more states and local taxing authorities begin to seek withholding and remittances from retirement benefit payments, it has become increasingly difficult and complex to ensure accurate and timely payments.