SMArtX Boosts AUM 928% In 12 Months

SMArtX Advisory Solutions, a leading innovator in unified managed accounts (UMA) technology and architect of the SMArtX turnkey asset management platform, is pleased to announce the expansion of its UMA Platform with the addition of six new firms and thirteen additional strategies for April.

As far as I'm concerned, SMArtX can literally achieve the impossible. If you're a strategist looking to list your models or simply an advisor eager for truly open architecture, the VIP Messenger team is extremely responsive.

Today’s update taps into the growing demand for ESG investing and global sustainable assets from both enterprise and RIAs (registered investment advisors).

The platform expansion also increases the flexibility to capitalize on other distinct opportunities including a closed-end fund (CEF) municipal bond strategy, in addition to several small and SMID cap strategies.

Kayne Anderson Rudnick and Sage Advisory Solutions represent the two largest new firms, as measured by asset size. They are joined by Knowledge Leaders Capital, Navigo Wealth Management, Rareview Capital, and Tributary Capital Management also now offering model strategies through SMArtX.

These firms are complemented with new strategies from existing firms Maryland Capital Management and Northern Trust Investments, Inc.

“We are extremely proud to welcome these distinguished firms to help kickstart the next quarter of growth,” said Evan Rapoport, CEO of SMArtX Advisory Solutions.

“Hands down, SMArtX is in a sweet spot to meet enterprise demand with niche  strategies and big, bold implementation at scale. It’s how and why we were able to pull off the unthinkable—an increase of AUM by 928% to $14.39 billion during the pandemic and in one year alone.”

SMArtX latest strategy expansion provides a gateway to access global markets in this time of change and return to work following the pandemic.

Given a new U.S. administration, concerns over inflation, and the prospect of an opened economy due to vaccinated populations, financial advisors have immediate access to a complete turnkey solution to customize client portfolios for now and the future.

“Over the course of the past year, the most prominent in recent history, SMArtX was able to create massive opportunity by leveraging best-in-class technology across the UMA spectrum,” said Jonathan Pincus, President & COO of SMArtX.

“Firms took account of their systems, sought out the ones who brought something better to the table, and have been moving assets ever since. With growth and momentum clearly on our side, we expect to ride this continuous wave of double-digit increases again this year.”

The 13 new strategies added to the SMArtX platform include:

   - Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management

      - KAR Small-Mid Cap Core

   - Knowledge Leaders Capital

      - Global Equity Strategy

      - Global Allocation Strategy

   - Maryland Capital Management

      - MCM Dividend Growth Equity

   - Navigo Wealth Management

      - CC Alpha

   - Northern Trust Investments, Inc.

      - Quality ESG International (ADR) Model Portfolio

      - Quality ESG U.S. Model Portfolio

   - Rareview Capital

      - Dynamic Fixed Income CEF Strategy

      - Municipal Bond CEF Strategy

   - Sage Advisory Solutions

      - ESG Core Plus

      - ESG Global Equity

   - Tributary Capital Management

      - Small/Mid Cap Equity Strategy

      - Equity Income Strategy


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