Ripsaw Wealth Tools Announces its Optimizer and Assist Tools

Ripsaw LLC recently launched version 1.5 of Ripsaw® Wealth Tools featuring its innovative Ripsaw Optimizer™ and Assist™ tools. The Optimizer solves for the allocation of wealth among the available investments in all accounts simultaneously with one click! The Assist tool analyzes that solution and suggests additional investments from its proprietary screener to add to accounts and reoptimize. Together, they complete the disciplined investment process for portfolio construction, monitoring and revision.

It's time for all of us to take control of our financial future. That's why Ripsaw's subscription platform provides the Wealth Tools for the DIY Investor. This user-friendly platform includes:

  • Electronic access to all banking, brokerage and retirement accounts.

  • Assessments of risk dimensions for each investment.

  • Non-publicly traded investments and loans.

  • Real estate, mortgage valuation and refinancing decisions.

  • Annuity, pension and social security valuations.

  • A balance sheet to manage the market value of net worth.

  • A wealth portfolio dashboard that monitors risk dimensions, yield, advisor and fund expenses.

  • A custom benchmark for investment objectives and risk tolerance.

  • Market information with asset allocation technology to achieve investment objectives.

Ripsaw's independence means that we have no intention of ever being an investment advisor, selling personal data or pushing particular investments. Our goal is to provide the tools that puts users directly in control of their financial life.

Company Chairman Stanley J. Kon, PhD Commented:
"This is clearly a disruptive technology. It is a low fixed-cost subscription service, not the percentage of assets under management that advisors charge. It is focused on your unique wealth portfolio, not just your investment accounts. You are in control of managing your customized portfolio not the 'cookie-cutter' model or robo portfolios that advisors recommend. You have complete transparency of your investments and how they relate to each other, not the unnecessary complexity and/or opaqueness of advisor portfolio composition."

This article originally appeared on Yahoo! Finance.


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