Rareview's Dynamic Fixed Income Fund Turns Heads For A Simple Reason: Outperformance

The Rareview Dynamic Fixed Income ETF (symbol: RDFI) recently surpassed $50 million in assets under management. Currently, RDFI’s AUM is $62 million with over 25,000 shares of average daily volume.

Rareview is delivering one of the hottest commodities around: positive real yields. How do they do it? Thursday's webinar will reveal all the details and the VIP Messenger will get you in touch with the people who call the shots.

These milestones come less than one year after the Fund's launch, highlighting strong investor demand for non-traditional income solutions that deliver real-world outcomes.

In addition to significant inflows, the Fund has benefited from strong absolute and relative performance.

  • RDFI gained 14.05% year-to-date through August 31, 2021. Since its inception on October 21, 2020, RDFI gained 24.11%.
  • Relative to a 50/50 blend1 of Investment Grade and High Yield credit, RDFI outperformed by 12.75% year-to-date through August 31, 2021, and 18.97% since inception on October 21, 2020.

"We are pleased to report strong momentum in business growth. I am gratified that so many investors are embracing our approach to income generation and risk management. We believe when compared to other major fixed income passive ETF’s, RDFI offers the following opportunities:

  • Stronger risk-adjusted return
  • Higher total return
  • Higher distribution yield
  • Meaningful tax efficiencies

We believe that our active management approach to fixed income has been instrumental in achieving the above results.” - Neil Azous, CIO

If you custody your investment advisory business at the following firms, please express your investment demand ASAP. We are working expeditiously to have RDFI added to their platform:

  • UBS
  • LPL
  • Raymond James
  • Stifel Nicholas
  • Oppenheimer
  • Securities America



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