Prince William Opens Up About His Massive Inheritance: ‘I’m Not Going To Rock The Boat’

(Inquisitr) Prince William is commenting on a rarely talked about subject amongst the British royals — his inheritance. In a new documentary set to air on ITV later this month, William talks about the role he is expected to take on once his father becomes king, as reported in People.

The interview is part of a two-part series, Prince Charles: Inside The Duchy of Cornwall, produced by the BBC. The show will take a look at the business venture that is the Duchy of Cornwall and how Charles has turned it into a “multi-million dollar enterprise,” People writes. According to the report, the duchy pulls in $27 million a year in income. That money goes to pay for the lifestyles of the Prince of Wales, his two children and their families, and his various charities.

Although Charles has put in a lifetime’s worth of work into expanding the duchy — more than 50 years — once he assumes the throne, the responsibility of running the estate will fall to the next Prince of Wales, William. In preparation for taking over one day, William has recently been following his father’s daily activities, looking to learn the ropes of managing the massive business entity. When asked about his plans for the estate once he takes over, William said that he doesn’t plan to “rock the boat,” maintaining most of the efforts his father started. However, William joked he may not be as interested as his father in buildings and architecture.

The Duchy of Cornwall was set up 700 years ago by King Edward III to provide a way of life for the heir to the throne. Due to historical circumstances and illnesses, Charles has been the longest-serving Duke of Cornwall in Britain’s long history. This means that he has had the time to build up the region in a multitude of ways.

The prince has done just that. Aside from running the duchy’s headquarters, which are located in downtown London next to Buckingham Palace, he also maintains a large area of land — 130,000 acres of it, including 160 miles of coastline — that houses a variety of industry and ways of life, People writes.

Most of what he owns is farmland, and the prince is focused on sustainability, ecology, and the historical preservation of ancient ways of life. All of which are things the prince is passionate about, according to his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Preparing to inherit the Duchy of Cornwall is just another thing separating William and his younger brother, Prince Harry. Although the two boys were reportedly very close growing up, there has been talk of a feud between them now, with rumors swirling that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are planning a move away from England, The Inquisitr reports. Talk of Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, moving have dogged the couple since before they were married, with rumors of them settling in Los Angeles, Africa, and now, most recently, Canada. However, royal observers seem to be putting more stock into the rumors currently, as the brothers seem to be forging their own, separate, futures.


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