How RIAs Can Offer Commission Free Insurance and Annuities

(Nasdaq) -- Life insurance and annuities have always been a strange grey area for RIAs.

They tend to be quite high commission products, a fact which obviously does not blend well with the no-commission, fiduciary mandate. This has left RIAs in an odd position.

However, a new and quickly growing company, DPL Financial, is now offering a solution.

The company serves as an insurance network helping RIAs utilize products from the space.

It works with providers of insurance products to help them tailor their offering for RIAs, such as making products commission-free.

DPL has already signed up 200 RIAs to use its service. In an example of what they do, DPL's founder and CEO, David Lau, commented on signing up Jackson National Life Insurance recently, saying "Jackson has long been a market leader in variable annuities, and we are excited to be their partner in launching their fee-based products to the independent RIA market".


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