FusionIQ Beefs Up Shareholder Services Capabilities With Fractional Shares

IQvestment, LLC, the registered investment advisor arm of innovative fintech company FusionIQ, announced a strategic collaboration with American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC (AST), a tech-enabled, integrated, professional services firm that empowers companies and their stakeholders with secure corporate data, analytics, advisory services, and a strategic approach to every interaction.

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Through this initiative, AST is leveraging IQvestment’s highly differentiated wealth advisory services and comprehensive investing infrastructure, offering the shareholder and plan participants on its platform a broad array of modern investment options focused on expanding their financial wellness services.

“With their innovative digital investing infrastructure, IQvestment is setting the standard for a best-in-class retail investor experience,” said Robert Carney, President Issuer and Investor Services of AST. “The IQvestment and AST collaboration will further help us provide our participants with access to the tools they need to achieve their individual financial goals.”

With access to a custom portal on the FusionIQ digital investing platform, participants will be able to invest incremental amounts on a dollar equivalent basis (i.e. fractional shares) in balanced, diversified portfolios of U.S. equities and ETFs.

“We’re thrilled that AST has chosen to leverage the consultative support of IQvestment, while integrating our comprehensive digital advice platform,” said Mark Healy, CEO of IQvestment Holdings, LLC, the holding company of IQvestment, LLC.

“We believe AST will be extremely successful based on their deep expertise and forward-thinking approach to investing that focuses on the evolving needs of shareholders and employee plan participants. The unique ability to bring registered shareholder investing alongside digital advice, is groundbreaking and will drive a more engaging end-user investing experience.”

This represents a major opportunity for IQvestment, recently recognized by Aite Group as a winner of the 2021 Impact Innovation Award, to showcase advisory and sub-advisory support solutions using FusionIQ’s best-in-class platform and provide retail investors with sophisticated investment services in a simple, intuitive package.


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