Do Annuities Work for All Clients?

Annuities have seen major growth in popularity since the pandemic began—a 40% tumble in stock prices when a huge portion of Americans are about to retire will do that.

Annuities sales have risen, and advisors—especially those new to selling them—may be asking themselves if the products are good fit for all clients.

The answer is a resounding “maybe”.

The reality is that almost all portfolios can benefit from a portion being put in a product with guaranteed lifetime income.

However, the degree of exposure depends hugely on the client’s wealth, spending habits, self-control (as it relates to withdrawing from investment accounts), and even personality.

According to the head of a leading firm in the annuities space, “I think that, in general, an annuity makes sense for most people. The only true way to guarantee lifetime income is through an annuity contract with an insurance company”.

This article originally appeared on Nasdaq.


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