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Why Warren Buffett Doesn't Rate The "Good Karma" Fund

Many who venerate the Sage of Omaha for his plain-talking demeanor are shocked to see Berkshire Hathaway screened out of "conscious investing" funds like KRMA. But the logic behind giving environmentally oriented clients a way to ignore Buffett has not forced them to sacrifice performance in the pursuit of a better future for all.

It's Time To Ask Your Clients About China Screens

For investors purely focused on long-term returns, exposure to the world's second-biggest economy seems compelling as a dollar hedge if nothing else. But the conversation can be fractious in the post-COVID world. Astute advisors don't need to settle for portfolios that no longer reflect today's geopolitical realities.

COVID Accelerates High-Tech Disruption: Are Your Clients In The Hot Spots?

While the largest technology companies are once again capturing the bulk of retail investor interest and leading the market as a whole, the real growth is coming from the structural changes we see unfolding all around us. You don't have to be a technological savant to make sure your clients get tactical exposure to the themes that will drive the future.

Take Another Look At Enhanced And Absolute Income

Bond yields have cratered and traditional alternatives like REITs will need time to overcome macro challenges. Annuities can be expensive and confusing. Where do you point clients who simply want to squeeze a reasonable level of income from their assets without swallowing a lot of volatility?

Remember When Tech Meant The Future?

We've all encountered the client who wants the portfolio to reflect the world of tomorrow. But in a top-heavy market, it gets hard for FANG and other Big Tech stocks to disrupt the status quo. When you want to anticipate the arc of progress, you need to dig a little deeper.