Does Direct Indexing Have A Future?

Some people are saying direct indexing is nothing but expensive hype designed to push HNW efficiencies on portfolios too small to really support or justify anything but the random walk. We beg to differ. With a direct indexing guide on the horizon, we're obviously convinced that this is the future. But what do YOU think?

Vestmark: What Direct Indexing Means For Advisors

Although its ubiquity and availability to all sorts of investors is a recent development, direct indexing has been around for many years albeit only for high-net-worth investors. In a recent SmartAsset interview of Vestmark’s SVP of Direct Indexing, Dave Gordon, he discussed what financial advisors need to know, and why wealth management firms are so bullish on the trend.

Schwab Leans On "Personalized Indexing" For HNW Money-Back Guarantee

“These branded experiences underscore Schwab’s ability to meet the specific needs of our wealthier clients, but we are equally committed to ensuring that every client at Schwab receives a great experience, from those just getting started to those building wealth,” said Craig. “We are proud to offer a range of services and capabilities for investors at every stage of their investing journey with a focus on delivering low costs and great value, products and experiences that make investing easy and accessible, and exceptional client service.”

Xtrackers by DWS Launches Its First Thematic ETFs in the U.S.

"We are delighted to offer investors the opportunity to access three thematic investment trends through efficient index-tracked solutions. The themes that underpin UPGR, CHPS and PSWD, we believe, hold immense potential for impact on the economy in both the near and long-term” said Arne Noack, Head Systematic Investment Solutions, Americas, at DWS Group. “It has long been our mission to offer investors innovative and diverse ETF solutions that not only enhance their core portfolio holdings but provide exposure to different segments of the global economy.”