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Executive Editor
The Wealth Advisor

A veteran in the business of digital and print journalism, Martin joined The Wealth Advisor in January 2009. His name now appears in most U.S. financial advisors’ inboxes each day as sender of record on the 11 million emails we deploy each month.

He writes for an audience of 280,000 wealth and financial advisors including 205,000 registered investment advisors (the largest digital audience of RIAs of any industry publication), managing a staff of 5 editors and 2 researchers to produce daily wealth management news and 8 specialty newsletters focused on top-of-mind industry topics like tax protection, practice management, technology and TAMPs (turnkey asset management programs).

He also moderates industry panels and compiles our specialty annual guides on trusts, technology and TAMPs: America's Most Advisor Friendly Trust Companies, America's Best TAMPs and America's Best Trust Technology Buyers Guide.

In prior lives he served as lead market writer at CNN, ran Buyside magazine, wrote for Institutional Investor, Research, ALPHA and other publications, and dabbled in hedge fund land.

Tina Turner: Legend's Death In Switzerland Saved Her Kids $45 Million In Taxes

Tina Turner was practically unstoppable. She came from humble rural roots, started singing around her 18th birthday, hit the top, walked out on Ike with nothing, clawed her way back and kept performing after several strokes and bowel cancer. We can only assume she decided to go on her own terms.

But for our purposes, the financial dimensions of her death are what matter. And she did just about everything right.

"Nudge" Client Cash Off The Sidelines (And Lift Their Mood)

Periods of market volatility or negative returns often create anxiety for investors and sometimes lead many to hold on to money rather than actively invest. This is reflected in the increasing amount of money that has shifted “to the sidelines.” What is money on the sidelines? Sidelined money refers to funds not actively invested in stocks or bonds, but instead, held in cash or cash-equivalent instruments. The market environment in 2022 may have encouraged this trend, as both stock and bond markets suffered significant declines.

How To Know It's Time To Sell

Not sure if it’s time to sell your financial advisor practice? Selling as your business nears peak value may allow you to capitalize on the upside.