Yellen Warns Trump's Tariff Plan Could Raise Consumer Living Costs

The Biden administration is firmly opposing former President Trump's proposal to replace income taxes with tariffs. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has cautioned that such tariffs could exacerbate the affordability crisis for American consumers.

Rick Newman of Yahoo Finance reports on the stark differences between Biden and Trump's tariff policies and their potential impact on consumers' cost of living.

Trump has proposed eliminating the individual income tax and compensating for the lost revenue through tariffs on imports. Treasury Secretary Yellen, speaking on ABC's This Week, criticized this plan, warning it could significantly raise living costs.

Rick Newman explains that Trump's idea of replacing income taxes with tariffs is not only impractical but also unworkable. Despite Trump's history of proposing unconventional ideas to gauge reactions, he is serious about increasing tariffs on imports, particularly from China. Trump has stated that if re-elected, he intends to raise tariffs on all Chinese imports by 60% and impose a new 10% tariff on imports from other countries.

Tariffs on imports function as a tax paid by American companies importing those products, which typically pass the additional costs onto consumers. This pattern was evident during Trump's presidency when he imposed tariffs, albeit less severely than initially promised.

The current economic climate differs from 2018-2019, with inflation posing a significant problem. Any measures that increase prices would be unwelcome, making now an ill-advised time to raise tariffs without compelling reasons.

Newman also addresses how this potential policy might resonate with the electorate. Voters often overlook the nuances of policy ideas, focusing instead on broader sentiments toward the candidates. As the election approaches and debates occur, voters may start paying more attention to policy details over personalities.

The impact of Trump's tariff policy on the election remains uncertain, as voter attention typically heightens closer to the election date. Upcoming debates will likely clarify the candidates' positions and influence voter opinions.


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