What is Prince Philip’s net worth? Duke of Edinburgh has jaw-dropping wealth

(Express) -- Prince Philip is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, 92. He is married to a queen, but is from royal blood himself. Philip descends from the Greek and Danish royal families. The former Navy lieutenant is now a great-grandfather.

Prince Philip net worth

According to Cheat Sheet Prince Philip’s net worth is around £23 million.

The Duke is no longer a work royal, announcing his recruitment from public duties in in August 2017.

Only working royals are given money from the royal grant, the sum of cash paid to the Queen by the taxpayer each year.

However the Prince was paid a whopping £400,000 a year of public cash before his retirement.

Under the Sovereign Grant Act of 2011, Prince Philip received an annual Parliamentary annuity of £359,000 pounds

At an event in March 2016, Prince Philip once joked he was the “world’s most expensive plaque-unveiler.”

However, the Duke of Edinburgh and his wife also have a huge amount of private wealth - more than enough for any person to live off.

The Queen owns the Duchy of Lancaster.

This private estate made up of grand properties.

The Duchy makes a whopping revenue surplus of £19.2M a of 2017.

The Duke owns expensive art and lavish cars.

Prince Philip’s car crash recently caused headlines. 

What motors are in his car collection?

The Queen and Prince Philip are both big fans of the Land Rover and Range Rover, with the Queen’s favourite thought to be the Land Rover Defender.

How old is Prince Philip? 

His birthday is 10 June 1921.

The senior royal’s health has been of some concern for some time, but the husband of the Monarch has made a few public appearances in the past year.


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