Wealth tech app enables gram by gram investing in gold

Indian investors will be able to buy as little as one gram of gold at a time via a wealth-tech app called Gilded.

The team behind the app, which was previously known as Digital Swiss Gold, say they have spent the past six months updating it.

They claim it provides numerous benefits over local investment options; including the gold being fully insured, the convenience of sending the digital gold worldwide, low selling costs, and proof of authenticity.

The app is available to investors in India and the UAE.

Gilded is registered in Jersey.

Affinity for gold

The founder and chief executive of Gilded and Digital Swiss Gold, Ashraf Rizvi, said: “Indians have always had an affinity towards gold as an investment asset as it acts as a hedge against inflation.

“The need for wealth protecting investment assets has increased since the pandemic in the long run but will also help safeguard their invest money.”

He continued: “Digital gold has increasingly caught the eye of investors as it offers all the benefits of gold along with ease of trading and transactions in smaller denominations.

“With the launch of our new and improved Gilded app, we aim to leverage all our learnings from our Digital Swiss Gold app to provide Indian and UAE consumers a better way to access gold investment and all the benefits of gold ownership through today’s leading technologies.”

This article originally appeared on International Adviser.


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