Strategy Marketplace: How To Scale Your Practice With The Right Technology

Ever wonder how partnering with the right wealth platform can help you manage existing client relationships more efficiently while reaching to capture new prospects? 

Strategy Marketplace recently laid out the key parameters they see as the engines of growth. At a minimum, you need the ability to:

* Open accounts faster and transfer the money without delay
* Automate trading
* Automate billing while you're at it
* Mirror your data in a secure format where clients can get access and figure out "how they're doing" on their own

A separate video lays out all the moving parts in a matter of minutes:

As the company points out, they are constantly building more financial services "which allows you to bring more value to your clients and keeps clients for life."

Strategy Marketplace does the heavy lifting. You just manage the clients . . . and they have a coaching team dedicated to helping affiliated advisors unlock the most from the platform.


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