Smartleaf: Hyper-Personalized Index Solutions at Scale

View the replay of the live conversation between Syntax and Smartleaf Asset Management on how technology enables you to construct hyper-personalized index solutions at scale.

Personalization can mean many different things, from simple stock exclusion to custom portfolio design (leaning into or away from factors, themes, ESG characteristics, with various conviction levels), custom product selection, and custom tax and cash management. Whether you’re defining personalization broadly or narrowly, tomorrow’s clients will demand access to personalized solutions.

But personalization doesn’t have to be a roadblock, and in fact can be a crucial way advisors can differentiate themselves from the sea of sameness. While personalization at scale may seem like an overused industry term, the ease of use and flexibility of a tech-driven solution paired with tax efficient implementation delivers on this growing market need. 

Jonathan Chandler, Chief Operating Officer, joined Jerry Michael, Smartleaf AM President and Founder, for the webinar on May 16th, 2024. 


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