She’s the Unexpected Heir to Her Grandpa’s $8 Million, but Now Her Family’s Greed Is off the Charts

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Long Lost Grandfather
A woman shared on a forum about her dilemma after inheriting a significant amount of money from her estranged grandfather. She explained that her father barely had a relationship with her grandfather due to their estranged relationship.

Filthy Rich and Bitter
However, her grandfather started coming around a little bit more when her father got older. Despite being “filthy rich,” the grandfather was an old, bitter man who could “hold grudges longer than anyone.”

Torn Apart from Grief
The grandfather passed away a few months before the woman posted the story, and her family has been torn apart since then.

The Hefty Inheritance
The woman was shocked to learn that her grandfather had liquidated all of his assets, which amounted to around $8,000,000, and left every penny to her.

Her family naturally started asking her for a cut, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She felt none of them really deserved the money.

A Mean Drunk
Her father is an alcoholic who never said anything nice about her grandfather, even though he bought him a $300,000 house.

Ungrateful Little Brother
Her brother was very wasteful and ungrateful, while her half-sister was too young to receive the money.

Not All Bad
The woman had offered to pay for her half-sister’s college when she turned 18. However, she did stipulate it was directly to her at 18 as her mother would take the lot.

They Were Furious
Her family was furious and claimed that the money did not belong to her and that she was not deserving of it.

They Threatened to Sue
They even threatened to cut her off, go no contact, and sue her if she didn’t give them a “chunk of the money.” The woman was confused and didn’t know what to do.

They Called the Cops
She had already had two police officers out to her house because her father was claiming she stole the money from him, even though everything was through an attorney.

The Internet Responded
One commenter said, “I’m sure your grandpa would want you to be happy, so I would suggest doing what makes you happy with the money.”

Another commented, “If your grandpa wanted it to all go to charity, he would’ve left it to charity. He left it to you. Enjoy it.”

A Final Internet Opinion
This lovely commenter wrote, “This is above the forum’s paygrade. You need an attorney who’s well-versed in matters of estates and inheritances. Don’t tell anyone, including family members, or you’ll have people coming out of the woodwork with their hands out.”

By Amanda Wright
September 17, 2023


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