SEI's Family Office Platform Keeps Getting Better (And $125 Billion Bigger)

SEI has made fresh product enhancements to the Archway Platform amid significant growth, adding 20 new clients and $125 billion in platform assets since the beginning of 2021. The Archway Platform is the core technology for SEI Family Office Services, a leading provider of technology and services to financial institutions and family offices serving high-net-worth families, including seven of the top 15 wealthiest American families.

Based on the evolving needs of SEI’s expansive community of clients leveraging its family office solutions, SEI Family Office Services introduced several enhancements as a part of an Archway Platform upgrade, including automated accounting workflows, additional private equity metrics and a new set of features specifically targeting data collection efficiencies for alternative investments and vendor invoices.

“Our exceptional growth this year is a continued testament to our ability to meet the complex needs of family offices. As families become more entrenched in generational wealth, their number of households, range of investments, volume of invoices, assortment of vendors, and overarching reporting demands grow exponentially in size and complexity,” said Paul Freeland, Managing Director of SEI Family Office Services. “Our decades of experience working with multi-generational, high-net-worth families enables us to intelligently design and deliver our latest product upgrade. Aimed at helping family offices scale their operations through added efficiencies, intuitive data input tools and flexible controls, the platform enhancements provide more mechanisms to review and report on their financial data.”

The upgrade builds on the Archway Platform’s extensive workflow capabilities related to cash movements, automated accounting operations and data processing logic, with the rollout of new journal entry approval workflow. For bill pay users, the platform’s latest version includes an in-app image viewer that addresses the ever-growing challenge of data collection from physical documents by facilitating streamlined data entry through digitized invoices. The upgrade also features new additions to its alternative investment analytics library and introduces a new private equity staging table that extends the Archway Platform’s existing private equity functionality through a centralized hub for enterprise-wide PE cash flows.

“While the needs of family offices continuously evolve, data collection, entry and management are critical, albeit time-consuming, functions that continue to top the list of pain points for family offices,” said Brad Holifield, Managing Director of Family Office Product and Solutions. “Leveraging market directives, feedback from our clients and extensive insights across our internal operations teams, our recent product enhancements introduce new tools that help family offices have even more granular control over their data while being more efficient and strategic in how they spend their time. As we go forward into 2022, we are committed to introducing new capabilities that simultaneously addresses clients’ needs and further propel the broader family office technology market forward.”

SEI Family Office Services is part of SEI’s Global Wealth Management Services business, comprised of market-leading, innovative solutions designed to support the future growth of investment and wealth managers globally.


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