Sawtooth: Regain Control Of Your Advisory Calendar

Rich Conley, Sawtooth's Executive Vice President, wrote an article that talks through the difference between where advisors want to spend their time and where they actually spend it.

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As you are likely aware, advisors are overwhelmed with tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. Rich suggests that these tasks can be broken down into three categories:

1. Administrative (billing, reporting, trading, portfolio rebalancing – basically any back-office task),
2. Client-centered (meetings, answering phone calls, writing emails), and
3. Growth-focused (prospecting and marketing).

If you are spending too much time in categories one and two, then your firm won’t grow as quickly. But if you’re spending too much time on category three, then you won’t keep your clients happy for very long.

He goes on to provide an exercise that can help you figure out where your team is spending its time and what that means for the future of your firm.

How Are You Spending YOUR Time?

What part of your job is taking up the most time? How much time are you dedicating to growing your firm? How about client relationships? Find the answer to these questions and more by downloading Sawtooth's time tracker.

It's a simple spreadsheet and shouldn't take long to fill out. Just log your week according to Rich Conley's three parameters and you'll see exactly where you stand.

And Monday morning is the perfect time to start. 


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