Reports Suggest Larry Ellison Urged Musk to "Dry Out" In Hawaii

Elon Musk's substance use has raised concerns among his colleagues and board members across his business ventures, prompting interventions to encourage rehabilitation and a hiatus from professional activities.

These concerns were notably addressed by Larry Ellison, a close associate of Musk, former director at Tesla, and Oracle's co-founder. Ellison reportedly advised Musk to take a respite in Hawaii during the winter of 2022 to focus on his well-being away from the influence of substances such as LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine, according to The Wall Street Journal. This recommendation reflects the growing apprehension among Musk's circle regarding the escalation of his substance use.

The situation reached a point where, at a gathering in the Hollywood Hills, Musk was observed consuming ecstasy in liquid form, an act preceded by ensuring privacy through his personal security. This incident underscores the broader issue of a culture of substance use that seemed to permeate Musk's social and professional circles, possibly setting an unintended standard for others within his network.

Neither Musk, Ellison, nor their legal representatives, Alex Spiro and Christopher Muzzi, have publicly responded to these reports. This silence follows previous reports of Musk's engagement with psychedelics and other substances, despite Musk's assertions of disfavor towards illegal drug use.

Musk's publicly known use of marijuana during a podcast appearance led to SpaceX, one of his companies, reaffirming its compliance with federal drug use regulations to NASA, culminating in a $5 million expenditure to align its workforce with these guidelines. Furthermore, Musk has disclosed having a prescription for ketamine, a substance researched for its potential in treating depression, revealing a complex picture of his interactions with legal and illicit substances.

The health implications of such drug use, particularly given Musk's age, include significant risks ranging from cardiovascular issues to mental health challenges, highlighting the potential personal and professional ramifications of his actions. This narrative not only focuses on Musk's personal health but also on the broader implications for the culture within his companies and his influence on his peers and associates.


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