Possible Bear Market and Financial Reset Looming

After an extended bull market, signs are emerging that suggest a looming downturn, potentially marking the onset of a bear market and a challenging financial reset, according to Chris Vermeulen, CIO of Technical Traders.

In his recent discussion with Bloomberg, Vermeulen highlighted a surge in defensive investments such as precious metals, energy, and industrial stocks. These sectors typically strengthen in the late stages of a bull market, forewarning an impending shift to bearish conditions or a financial reset.

Vermeulen anticipates a bear market reminiscent of those following the dot-com bubble burst and the 2008 financial crisis. He predicts this shift could lead to severe reductions in investor wealth, potentially cutting asset values by 30%-50% within the next year.

“We are nearing a critical market peak, akin to a financial reset,” Vermeulen remarked. He views this adjustment as a necessary, albeit short-term, painful correction that markets must undergo periodically to sustain long-term growth.

This anticipated reset might coincide with a recession, particularly indicated by the robust performance of industrial stocks, which often see increased activity as companies prepare for economic slowdowns by updating equipment at the end of growth cycles.

Vermeulen warns that many U.S. firms may not fully recognize the imminent end of the current growth cycle. “The music is about to stop,” he cautioned, noting that the continued rise in industrial stocks to all-time highs signals a forthcoming deceleration in these sectors.

Amid these conditions, investor anxiety about a potential recession has intensified, especially given persistent high inflation and the Federal Reserve’s intention to maintain elevated interest rates. The New York Fed's latest model predicts a 58% likelihood of the economy entering a recession by next March.


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