Paul Tudor Jones: Market "Exact Opposite" Of 1930 Crash

(RealDaily) Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones is a big fan of the current market.

In particular, Jones believes that the US economy is feeling the boost of both lower taxes and a lax monetary policy.

“We’ve got an explosive combination of monetary and fiscal policy right now,” said Jones.

Jones continued, “We’ve got a 5% budget deficit coupled with the lowest real rates that you can image with the economy at full employment.”

“That’s the most unorthodox and potentially explosive combination that you can imagine.”

Jones concluded by saying, “It’s like the photo negative of 1930 when we had the last trade war, but you had tight fiscal and tight monetary policy. Now we have the exact opposite.”

Jones expects the combo of lower taxes and an easy monetary policy will drive the markets to new record highs. 


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