An Online Presence and Client Engagement Builds Credibility

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have become crucial for advisors wanting to engage with their target audience, Sara Rajo-Miller writes on ThinkAdvisor.

Dormant Social Media Accounts Aren't Enough 

More people than ever are using social media for professional purposes, including 74% of all Facebook users, according to Hubspot, she writes. An online presence gives credibility to you and your brand, so if you don't appear on Google, you are losing potential clients, according to Rajo-Miller, investment advisor at Miracle Mile Advisors.

There are several ways that advisors can stand out online, she writes. They can use search engine optimization on social media such as LinkedIn through keywords in their bios or taglines, according to Rajo-Miller. Steer clear of generic LinkedIn titles, making sure to highlight all of your responsibilities, she suggests.

Advisors should also think about who they should add to their digital network, according to Rajo-Miller. Connecting with as many people as possible could be beneficial — but could also make your network less focused, she writes.

When making a new connection, messages should be personalized, according to Rajo-Miller. Avoid generic messages by including details about the person and instead focus on where you met and why you want to network, she writes.

Advisors should also monitor their social media in order to interact with connections and followers. This can help develop relationships and your reputation, according to Rajo-Miller.

Prospective clients and other advisors will look at your social media accounts; show them you are active and engaged by responding to Tweets and commenting on user activity, she writes.  

Content consumption on LinkedIn is on the rise — up 21% in past two years — and this can be used to promote your brand message, according to Rajo-Miller. Try different mediums such as blogs and videos to demonstrate your expertise, she writes. This establishes you as an authority in the eyes of new clients and other advisors, according to Rajo-Miller.

A person’s first interaction with your company will often be through your online presence, so advisors should make sure it reflects their unique brand and expertise, according to Rajo-Miller. Optimize your digital presence, and engage with your audience to build credibility, she writes.


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