The Office As We Knew It Is Dead: Most Advisors Won’t Be Returning Full Time

It’s been six months since the coronavirus forced most people out of their offices and stopped their daily commute, and it doesn’t look like that’ll be changing any time soon. Possibly ever.

According to a new survey from Broadridge Financial Solutions, almost 60 percent of advisors are currently working remotely. Of those, 17 percent expect to be back in the office by the end of the year, while 13% expect Q1 2021 to be the time of their return. However, 27 percent of advisors are either unsure about going back to an office or are just not planning to

Of the 400 advisors polled by Broadridge, 70 percent say COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on how much time they spend in the office. Even a year from now, 58 percent don’t expect to be back in the office full time.

If working from home is a productivity issue, most advisors aren’t seeing it as according to the survey, 65 percent of advisors say they are just as productive working from home as they are in an office.

In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surprising result — improved productivity. U.S. workers were 47% more productive in March and April than in the same two months a year ago through cloud-based business tools, chat applications and email, according to an analysis of 100 million data points from 30,000 Americans by workplace-monitoring company Prodoscore.

So if productivity is up, the commute muted, and lives with our loved ones closer than ever, is there really a reason to return to a five day work week?


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