Neil Diamond's Divorce Settlement Cost Him $150 Million, But His Reaction Was One Nobody Expected

(TheThings) - Celebrity divorces can be tough to handle. Not only is it plastered all over the media, but divorces themselves can be very expensive. Harrison Ford was involved in one of the most expensive divorces in Hollywood history. However, Neil Diamond's divorce proved to be even more expensive than Ford's.

In the following, we're going to take a closer look back at Neil Diamond's divorce with ex-wife, Marcia Murphey. The settlement was an expensive one. However, fans were very surprised by Neil's reaction to it all. We'll reveal what the artist had to say, while also putting the spotlight on why Diamond decided to remarry years later after the divorce.

In addition, we'll end things off by taking a closer look at his current marriage.

Let's get started.

It proved to be one of the most expensive divorces in the history of the music industry. At that point, Neil Diamond was bringing in a cool $14 million and above per year. Factor that in, along with 25 years of marriage, it was going to be an expensive divorce for Neil Diamond. Marcia Murphey filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Despite losing a ton of money, Diamond was content that his ex-wife had enough money to last a lifetime. "She got enough to live on for the rest of her life."

He continues, "I did feel bad. I don't have many feelings about my divorce now because it was 20 years ago." Diamond added that he kept in contact with his ex over the years for the sake of the kids.

"When it's called for. To talk about the kids. Sometimes to talk about other things."

It was a tough divorce. Nonetheless, Diamond didn't change his stance on marriage once the relationship came to an end.

In 2012, Neil Diamond married for a third time. Almost two decades after his marriage ended, he tied the knot with Katie McNeil Diamond in 2012.

Opening up alongside ParadeNeil Diamond discussed his new marriage at the time. He said, “I had every possible chance to do it right. Both are spectacular women. I felt if I couldn’t make something wonderful and lifelong happen with them, then maybe I wasn’t capable of it. But I’m throwing myself back in because I like being married."

Diamond continues, "I don’t want to end this whole fabulous journey alone. I want someone by my side who I love and who loves me. I’ve finally found somebody who’s up to the task of being my wife, because I’m very …”—he pauses—“… high maintenance.”

Diamond was able to find love again with McNeil, but it took some work behind the scenes.

Neil Diamond's net worth is doing just fine these days, valued at $300 million. He's also satisfied with his love life. However, the artist revealed given that he's "high maintenance," it took some work to get his life started with Katie McNeil.

“Well, when I need my wife or when I need companionship or someone to talk to, I need it, like, now. So my wife will have to give up whatever she’s doing at that moment to tend to my needs. And in the same way, I would tend to hers. That’s not such an easy thing to do.”

Katie McNeil herself added, “Part of me said, ‘Don’t get involved; he’s a client.’ There are a lot of complications for a lot of reasons. But our chemistry grew into something that couldn’t be denied.”

Nowadays, Neil Diamond has slowed down his career and accepted his Parkinson's diagnosis. He revealed on CBS Sunday Morning, "But somehow, a calm has moved in, and the hurricane of my life, and things have gotten very quiet, as quiet as this recording studio," he tells reporter Anthony Mason. "And, I like it. I find that I like myself better. I'm easier on people. I'm easier on myself. And the beat goes on, and it will go on long after I'm gone."

"I'm still doing it. And I don't like it. But the … this is me; this is what I have to accept," he says in the interview. "And I'm willing to do it. And, OK, so this is the hand that God's given me, and I have to make the best of it, and so I am. I am."

A great outlook from Diamond, who has enjoyed quite a career.

By Alex Passa
April 1, 2024



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