Madonna Managed To Collect All of The Heirs Under One Roof

(siv week) This summer, the popular blonde said that ends a musical career. Since then, the legendary American did not give any interviews, and has canceled all performances. However, the star of the scene not only promotes its own sports halls, but also raising her six heirs.

We will remind that not so long ago the Madonna has issued custody of 4 born in the African country of Malawi.

It is noteworthy that the two older children American women are accommodated separately. Now the eldest daughter, Lourdes is one of the posts in the legendary fashion magazine “VОGUE” and son Rocco is trained to work in the UK.

Today, however, Madonna managed to collect all of the heirs under one roof. In addition, the pop singer published the family frame on the page in social network Instagram.

By the way, touching scenes American added comment: “That’s what I thank the most! My children opened a lot of doors, and showed the right path in life. I never imagined that I will pass this way.” Writes it became known that the family celebrates an annual feast, not in the Spanish mansion, and Los Angeles.

By the way, the last time all the family of legendary blondes get together at the end of August.

Then the star of stage and her offspring went to Malawi, where the celebrity called for a medical center, orphanage, and met with representatives of the local authorities.

We also found out that Madonna has made a generous donation that was used to repair hospitals and purchase new equipment. It is noteworthy that the heart of the iconic American women freely. But this does not prevent famous artist to teach the offspring music, fashion, culinary, and to instill a love of the sport. 


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