Las Vegas Tribute Show Sues Michael Jackson Estate Over Use of 'MJ' Logo

(Broadwayworld) - The Las Vegas Michael Jackson tribute show, MJ Live, is suing the Michael Jackson estate over the use of its logo, Forbes reports.

The estate's attorneys are claiming the the logo that MJ Live uses is "confusingly similar" to the logo for the Broadway show, MJ the Musical, and claims that its use is infringing upon the estate's trademark. The esate is also asking the show's producers to cancel performances of MJ Live altogether.

However, MJ Live producers are stating the opposite, claiming that the esate is infringing on their trademark for their show, which began in 2012.

In 2019, seven years later, a company associated with the estate applied for a trademark to use the "MJ" mark to advertise live performances, with "intent to use." The application was approved in February 2023, after the estate filed a statement of use, saying the mark was first used on '10/00/2010', but used a photo of the Broadway marquee from 2022 as evidence. 

MJ Live's attorneys are alleging that this was a false representation, and the federal trademark should not have been obtained. They are asking the judge to cancel the trademark registration, and also declare that the tribute show did not infringe upon it.

They are also arguing that the Broadway logo infringes upon their personal rights as the owners of the MJ Live mark.

About MJ Live

Featuring all his biggest hits including Bad, Billie Jean, Beat It, Dangerous, Smooth Criminal, Black & White, I Want You Back and many others. Relive the energy, excitement, spectacle and pure joy of this legendary superstar and his music. Witness the awesome sound, lighting and effects. Feel the energy from the MJ LIVE band and mega talented MJ LIVE dancers. Sing along to some of the greatest hits of all time.

MJ Live is now playing at the Sahara Las Vegas.

By Stephi Wild
April 18, 2024


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