Kyle Kuzma Criticized For Tweet Mocking ‘Rich Don’t Pay Taxes’ Argument

( - Washington Wizards star Kyle Kuzma, who once agreed with Bernie Sanders on taxing Amazon, retweeted a story from CNN that said Elon Musk will owe $11 billion in taxes, the largest amount ever for an individual, and mocked the argument that “the rich don’t pay taxes.” 

There’s truth to the complaint that “the rich don’t pay taxes,” but we’ll get into that later. With Elon, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the richest person in recorded history would face a tax bill unlike anyone has ever seen before. What Kuzma seemingly failed to understand is that the complaint has always been that the rich don’t pay their fair share. 

Musk tweeted earlier this month that he will be paying $11 billion in taxes. 

Writer Anya Overmann helped put that sum into perspective, while also mentioning a ProPublica investigation which found that Musk didn’t pay federal income tax for years. 

By Mathew Smith


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