Kenny Rogers estates sues longtime friend over unauthorized tour DVD

A friend of the late Kenny Rogers is being sued by the singer's estate for allegedly producing an unauthorized DVD of The Gambler's farewell tour.

Per TMZ, the estate claims that Kelly Junkermann convinced Kenny to let him film the singer's final tour. Kenny supposedly agreed, but did so under the strict condition that the footage be for personal use only. The estate now claims that Kelly ignored that agreement and tried to release a DVD called "Kenny Rogers — The Gambler's Last Deal."

In fact, the lawsuit states that Kelly consistently asked for approval to use the content he'd gathered but was consistently denied. Despite the roadblocks, Kelly pushed forward and struck a deal to distribute the footage.

The DVD, the lawsuit states, is filled with "priceless and irreplaceable audio, video, photographic and audiovisual content that were compiled over the course of Kenny Rogers' decades-long career."

Among the reasons the estate wants Kelly's DVD blocked is that it has its own DVD of the final tour and doesn't want fans to be confused. Further, it claims that Kelly's DVD isn't up to Kenny's standards.

TMZ noted that the estate blocked the release of Kelly's DVD earlier this year, but it cost nearly $300,000 in legal fees to get it done. The estate is formally suing for damages and for an injunction blocking Kelly's DVD from ever coming out.

This article originally appeared on Wonderwall.


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