Justin Timberlake's DUI Arrest Supposedly Makes Jessica Biel Contemplate $270 Million Divorce Amid Latest Scandal

(Business Times) - Justin Timberlake, who was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, may not be getting sexy again. A new report claimed that his most recent drunken blunder may be the final straw for his wife Jessica Biel, who has had enough of dealing with the consequences of his drinking history.

After partying with his entourage until the early hours of the morning in the upscale hamlet of Sag Harbor, New York, on June 18, reports claimed that the “7th Heaven” siren, who is 42 years old, was furious when the pop idol, who is 43 years old, was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

An unnamed insider told The National Enquirer that Jessica is really contemplating ending her relationship with Justin, who is the father of daughters Phineas, 3, and Silas, 9. It has even been reported that she already has attorneys on speed dial to explore the possibility of a divorce that may cost $270 million.

“Most of the problems they’ve had have centered around Justin’s hard drinking and the misbehavior that results from that,” the informant claimed.

An eyewitness saw the former member of NSYNC, who was taking a break from his “Forget Tomorrow World” Tour, partying at the American Hotel, which is a popular destination for celebrities, and he was seen drinking to his heart's content, as per Daily Mail.

“He was wasted. At one point, just before closing, somebody got up to go to the bathroom and left his drink on the table. When [the man] came back, [Timberlake] was drinking his drink,” the tipster said.

Justin was stopped in his 2025 BMW for a traffic violation shortly after leaving the bar, The New York Post reported. In spite of his insistence that he had only consumed "one martini," the officer asserted that Justin had "bloodshot and glassy eyes," smelled strongly of alcohol, and would not submit to a breathalyzer test three times.

The “Not A Bad Thing” hitmaker reportedly told the cop, “This is going to ruin the tour,” but in a blow to the Grammy winner’s ego, the young policeman didn’t know who he was. DUI and a few driving violations were among the charges that were brought against Justin. At the court session scheduled for July 23, his attorney is adamant that he will "have a lot to say."

According to a source, the musician known for his hit song "Mirrors" is reportedly suffering with major marital challenges in addition to the legal issues that he is currently undergoing.

“Jessica’s had it with all the trouble he gets in when he’s drunk and the jury is out whether their marriage can survive,” the mole claimed.

Another naysayer suggested thagt their marriage nearly imploded when paparazzi caught him pawing “Palmer” co-star Alisha Wainwright in 2019 in New Orleans. After the incident, spies said Jessica slapped her spouse with a slew of restrictions to ensure he didn’t stray again.

On the other hand, another tattler stated that this most recent humiliation has caused her to believe that he may never change.
“Justin and Jessica have done three rounds of marriage counseling in the past five years, but she thinks they’re right back where they started. She may finally be finished with him this time,” it claimed.

Both Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have yet to comment on the claims that the “Sexy Back” singer’s most recent arrest has affected their marriage. So, devoted supporters of the two Hollywood stars should take all these unverified reports lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

By Briane Fernando
July 03, 2024


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