intelliflo: Financial Advisors Need to Get Better at Relationships

(intelliflo) Change is a constant in virtually every industry. When dealing in professional services like financial advice, generational shifts are often drivers of change. With the impending transfer of wealth from the Baby Boomers to Gen X, more advisors find themselves having deeper conversations with clients than ever before.

As markets become complex, and volatility is more common, more Americans are concerned about their financial health – 69% in a recent survey. That’s why more people are turning to advisors for more than just models. They want advice across their entire financial picture – insurance, long term care for aging parents and more.

According to this article in Global Banking and Finance Review, technology is one way in which advisors can free up efficiencies to spend more time on one-to-one advisement. Further still, clients want more self-service tools and even expect advisors to have things like communication portals and a holistic place where they can see their entire financial picture.

Advisors need to be watchful for the latest solutions in the industry to provide these services and determine when and how they plan to adopt technologies to better serve clients.


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