GeoWealth: Your Models, Your Way

Enterprise-level RIAs can have trouble standing out in a crowded field. However, highlighting your proprietary investments management capabilities makes your value proposition unique for investors.

For many large RIAs, proprietary investment management is a differentiator, essential to the value provided to and perceived by their clients. A Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) should be adopted by large firms managing their own models because it has the potential to create integrated workflows, operational efficiencies, and benefits from economies of scale. However, traditional TAMPs have failed to adapt their business model and technology to sufficiently serve firms retaining control of portfolio management. Is your firm being hampered by old TAMP tech?

If asset management is part of your brand's story, you need a modern TAMP partner that helps you bring it to life. See how partnering with a modern TAMP built specifically for RIAs can be the solution for advisors who want to retain model management without retaining the middle and back-office tasks associated with running their own investment management programs. 

Do you have the right partner bringing that story to life? Download your eBook, learn how GeoWealth helps RIAs make their advisor-managed models fit naturally into the universe of third-party strategies.



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