GeoWealth: 5 Years of America's Best TAMPs

For the fifth year in a row, we’re proud to be listed among The Wealth Advisor’s America’s Best TAMPs in 2024. It’s a recognition that we don’t take for granted.

A lot has happened in the past five years.

Just five years ago, GeoWealth had $8 billion in platform assets. Today, we have more than $28 billion in platform assets. Our team has grown significantly to more than 100 people. And we’re serving more RIAs than ever before, with 180,000 accounts on the platform.

2020-2024To stand among our distinguished peers and maintain consistent growth year-over-year is a testament to the dedication of our team and the faith of the advisors we serve. They put their trust in us to consistently deliver solutions to their problems, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

To help advisors solve their three biggest challenges, we designed our technology to consistently deliver three simple things:

1.    More time
2.    Reliable support
3.    Control over the way advisors choose to run their firms

We built GeoWealth to be solution-oriented. Advisors’ needs and wants will always inform the direction of our offering. So, in reflection of five years of growth, we’re taking a look back at the TAMP trends our leaders’ believe have stood the test of time and provide the foundation upon which GeoWealth continues to innovate. 


Colin Falls

Tech Rooted in Choice & Flexibility:
Thoughts from Colin Falls, CEO

While the tech needs of RIAs have changed over the past five years, one thing has remained consistent: advisors still place a high priority on choice and flexibility. 

Advisors crave the ability to integrate tech into their firm to get things done faster, better, and with less manual lift. Broader investment choices and model portfolios let advisors play the customization game, as they seek freedom to choose what’s best for their clients.

That’s why we believe in an open architecture that provides access to advisor managed models, third-party solutions, and other unique investment solutions that empower advisors to tailor investment strategies to clients’ needs. We’re proud to offer choice and flexibility in spades relative to other TAMPs, many of whom still require advisors to operate within their own parameters.


Jack Hannah

The Value of Building Proprietary Technology:
Thoughts from Jack Hannah, President & COO

We took GeoWealth to market in 2018 with a simple philosophy: we’re not just a platform, we’re your partner in growth.

Brick by brick, we built GeoWealth from the ground up to be a one-stop shop for investment management. Guided by advisor feedback, GeoWealth is purpose-built, holistic technology designed to fit into an advisor’s day-to-day practice management, and not the other way around.

GeoWealth’s product roadmap has one, consistent philosophy: we listen to RIA’s needs, first and foremost. This has allowed us to become the go-to TAMP offering bridging the gap between technology and advisor services.

And there’s more to come: In 2024, we’re going deep on tax technology, we’ll be offering direct indexing solutions, and we’ll be expanding our UMA offering to include even more asset types.


Brendan Falls

The Power of Strategic Partnerships:
Thoughts from Brendan Falls, Chief Growth Officer

No two advisors’ needs are the same. And that means different tech platforms will work for different advisors. That’s why partnering with strategic firms—like Axos, iCapital, Pontera, 55ip, Halo Investing, and others—empowers GeoWealth users with even more investment management flexibility.

Innovation can’t happen in a vacuum. Thankfully, we’re in an industry where disruption is happening all around us. TAMPs that choose to ignore the value of teaming up with other firms seeking to advance the mission of financial advisors may not live to see another five years.

At GeoWealth, we place a high priority on strategic partnerships that equip RIAs with cutting-edge tools and help them stay ahead of ever-evolving trends and competition.


Jen Wing

ETFs are Dominating:
Thoughts from Jen Wing, Head of Investment Solutions

Over the past five years, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have started to dominate investment management. In fact, according to Morningstar, AUM in model portfolios has jumped nearly 50% in just two years.

Advisors are going to continue seeking out ETFs, as they look for ways to scale, become more tax efficient, and reduce costs. There’s no shortage of specialized ETF fund launches that garner significant attention and provide advisors with more benefits than traditional investment vehicles.

Additionally, UMAs are gaining popularity and making it easier than ever for advisors to invest in ETFs for their clients. Leveraging a single investment account that permits several types of investments minimizes the administrative burden associated with billing and reporting. GeoWealth is making it simple for advisors to leverage UMAs and invest in ETFs for their clients.


Scott Silverman

Advisors Want to Plug into Proven Processes:
Thoughts from Scott Silverman, SVP, Head of Distribution

When advisors come to us, they’re looking for solutions to their top three pain points: lack of time, flexibility, and support. These are problems legacy TAMP technology struggle to solve.

But at GeoWealth, we’ve worked hard to build a TAMP that’s adaptable, resilient, and scalable. Our platform plugs right into advisors’ businesses to unlock immediate process and operational improvements. Plus, advisors get to take advantage of proven systems and workflows that flex according to their phase of growth.

Part of GeoWealth’s client-first experience is providing advisors with a dedicated relationship manager. We believe that every advisor should have the support they need to operate smoothly and get the most value out of our platform. Having someone they can lean on to navigate their new TAMP solution means they have all the resources they need to unlock powerful outcomes.

Beyond Trends: We Hear Your Needs for Growth

While these five trends have stood the test of time, there’s one in particular we believe will continue to help us stand apart from other TAMPs: A willingness to listen to what advisors want and need is central to what we do.

This is what has allowed us to grow these past five years. And it’s why our users see us as true partners in their growth.  

To see GeoWealth in action, schedule a demo with our team today.



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