FusionIQ Launches FIQ Market One, Disrupting Traditional Investment Marketplaces

FusionIQ, a leader in the delivery of cloud-based wealth management solutions with their all-in-one digital platform for financial advisors and institutions, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking FIQ Market One on the FusionIQ One platform. The innovative product marks a significant shift in the wealth management industry, offering a comprehensive investment solution for investors and advisors.

FIQ Market One transforms the landscape of wealth management, providing access to a diverse array of investment opportunities, including digital assets, special purpose vehicles (SPVs), alternative funds, private investments, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in a single market. Through white-labeled, unified advisor and client portals, investors can seamlessly navigate and invest in these assets, revolutionizing the traditional investment model.

Mark Healy, CEO of FusionIQ, said, “The launch of FIQ Market One represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of wealth management. We are proud to deliver FIQ Market One on the cloud-native FIQ One wealth management platform, an innovation that not only embraces digital transformation but also dramatically improves access. From digital assets to SPVs and alternative funds, FIQ Market One now provides a single market for investors and advisors to explore and invest in innovative financial products.”

The flexible cloud native FusionIQ One wealth management platform delivers the most comprehensive features and deepest functionality in an all-in-one, providing a seamless digital workflow across its core modules. FusionIQ’s easy to implement products including FIQ Journey, FIQ Market One, and FIQ TAMP+ are designed to get advisors and institutions to market faster, more securely, and at a lower cost, while delivering the efficiencies and productivity necessary for profitable organic growth.

“FIQ Market One empowers financial firms to develop diversified portfolios at scale, ensuring advisors can focus on delivering personalized investment experiences to their clients,” said John Guthery, Chief Investment Officer at FusionIQ. “With flexible ETF model portfolio solutions, access to top investment strategists, and automated rebalancing features, FIQ Market One sets a new standard for efficiency and performance in wealth management, while its multilingual platform structure lets advisors communicate with clients in a variety of languages, opening new opportunities for success.”

In addition to its robust investment offerings, FusionIQ One prioritizes data security compliance, holding a SOC 2 Certification to guarantee maximum protection of client information. The platform’s multi-custodian integration, single sign-on capability (SSO), and API suite further enhance the user experience and operational efficiency.

FIQ Market One is poised to disrupt the industry, providing financial advisors and institutions with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. By embracing digital innovation and delivering comprehensive wealth management solutions, FusionIQ reinforces its commitment to empowering clients to become digital wealth leaders.


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