Fink Picks Mullin as New Chief of Staff at BlackRock

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, has announced Stacey Mullin as his new Chief of Staff. Mullin, an experienced executive and the former Deputy Chief Operating Officer, steps into this role with a wealth of expertise, as confirmed by knowledgeable sources and an internal memo obtained by Business Insider.

Fink's announcement underlines the need for BlackRock to adapt to the rapidly evolving financial landscape, emphasizing the importance of engaging with a diverse array of stakeholders on a wider array of issues.

Historically, the Chief of Staff position at BlackRock has served as a two-year tenure for promising talents to gain exposure and experience in working closely with Fink. This role has traditionally involved interactions with clients, public officials, and other key market players. However, reflecting the dynamic nature of the current financial environment, Mullin's appointment marks a departure from this tradition, transforming the role into a permanent position.

Mullin succeeds Willie Alford, who earlier this year was appointed to the position, as reported by Business Insider. Alford is transitioning to a new role focusing on strategic partnerships and corporate development within the firm's finance and strategy team. His prior experience includes leading the foundation and endowment team for BlackRock's institutional client business in the Western United States.

Fink, in his memo, highlighted Mullin's instrumental role in guiding BlackRock through several global challenges, including Brexit, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the COVID-19 pandemic. An announcement regarding her successor in the Deputy COO role is anticipated in the upcoming weeks. A BlackRock spokesperson has declined to comment on these internal changes.

BlackRock, headquartered in New York and recognized as the world's largest asset manager with $9.1 trillion in assets under management, is in the process of reevaluating its public communication strategies. This reevaluation includes a major reshuffle of its lobbying team, as Business Insider reported, amid challenges in conveying its stance to U.S. lawmakers. The firm's public relations efforts have also undergone significant changes.

BlackRock has faced scrutiny, particularly from Republican officials, over its emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in investment decision-making. The firm has consistently defended its approach, underscoring its fiduciary duty to prioritize clients' interests over partisan agendas.

In addition to these challenges, BlackRock may soon confront new regulatory pressures. U.S. industry regulators are preparing to designate more non-bank financial institutions, which include family offices, insurers, and asset managers like BlackRock, Blackstone, and Apollo Global Management, as systemically important. This designation, which has been historically opposed by these firms, would bring increased regulatory oversight.

Mullin, in her new capacity as Fink's Chief of Staff, has been working alongside Rob Goldstein, BlackRock's Chief Operating Officer, since 2022. She relocated from London to New York for this position, as reported by Financial News. Her extensive background includes serving as COO for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and she initially joined BlackRock in 2007, having previously worked at consulting firm Oliver Wyman.


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