Elon Musk Mocks Warren Buffett Over Wealth

(Daily Star) - Musk has recently stretched his lead as the world's wealthiest man, with his personal fortune swelling to a staggering $236 billion (£170 billion).

The SpaceX billionaire was responding to a tweet which said that Musk's wealth is now more than Buffett's at $103 billion (£74 billion) and Bill Gates's at $130 billion (£94 billion) combined.

He joked: "Maybe Buffett should invest in Tesla haha."

Business magnate Buffett, 91, was once the world's richest man.

While Musk has quoted Buffett in the past, he has admitted that he's not the investor's "biggest fan" and he has questioned his "kindly grandfather" persona.

He has been previously been quick to mock his billionaire rivals who are trailing in his wake.

After the news broke that Musk had extended his lead over Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the Tesla chief sent a silver medal emoji to him.

Musk was responded to a message Bezos had posted on Twitter sharing an article from 1999 that had called the billionaire "just another middleman" as it questioned Amazon's business model.

The tweet came after the gap between the world’s two richest men continued to widen last week, thanks in part to the new $100.3 billion (£72.62 billion) valuation of Musk's SpaceX. Most of his wealth is tied to Tesla’s stock price.

The competition between the two mega-rich men has heated up in the last year as the pair try and edge ahead of each other in the billionaire space race.

Bezos's Blue Origin and Musk's SpaceX are competing with Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic to press ahead.

By Robin Cottle
19 OCT 2021


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