Dynamic Advisor Solutions Unleashes ESG Models

Dynamic Advisor Solutions, a professional services provider for wealth advisors, launched a line of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) model portfolios across its U.S. network of approximately 80 wealth advisory practices.

Dynamic is constantly innovating on behalf of its affiliated advisors. Want more detail on its ESG program and how to deploy it? The VIP Messenger is right here.

Both Independent Advisor Representatives (IARs) and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) comprise the Dynamic network, serving nearly 4,500 clients and approximately $3 billion in assets.

The latest edition to Dynamic’s existing 160 model portfolios available to advisors, the ESG models were developed by Dynamic’s Portfolio Services team, utilizing index-based ETFs and making it easier for advisors to offer these investing options to their clients.

“With Dynamic’s rules-based approach to model creation and portfolio management, we strive to capture opportunities and enhance the value of the ESG portfolio solution while managing risk,” said Dynamic Chief Operating Officer Craig Morningstar.

The new ESG models range from zero to 100 percent equity in 10 percent increments. One such model, the Dynamic ESG 60, is a diversified portfolio targeting a 60 percent equity allocation constructed with ETF positions from BlackRock and Nuveen. The models include capital market assumptions used in Dynamic’s other model overlays. Model investment criteria include:

  • ETFs classified as ESG only
  • ETFs with a minimum AUM of $100 million
  • ETFs established at least three years with a preference of five years or more
  • ETFs focused on market cap weighting (i.e., better ESG score results in a higher allocation)

Matt Hoaglin, an IAR with Dynamic Wealth Advisors dba Oxford Financial Planners in Durango, Colo., has introduced Dynamic’s new ESG model portfolios as a solution for clients who want to put their money where their values are.

“My clients are in tune with environmental awareness and for them, ESG investing is the next step that allows them to align with what they care about in the world,” said Hoaglin.

“Dynamic’s best practices are built into the ESG models with different asset allocations to match clients’ risk profiles, rebalancing and diversifying—it’s the best of both worlds.”


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