David Einhorn Says Value Investing Might Never Come Back

(Bloomberg) - Hedge fund manager David Einhorn said he doesn’t know if value investing will ever be in vogue again.

“I don’t know that it ever comes back,” the Greenlight Capital founder said Tuesday in an interview with Bloomberg Television on the sidelines of the Robin Hood Investors Conference in New York. Einhorn, 53, said most value investors are being put out of business, citing “serious changes to the market structure.”

“There’s just very few of us left,” he said, adding that most market participants these days are not trained or experienced in value investing, or have shifted to passive or quantitative investing.

Fewer players means there’s no one to notice what’s happening to these companies and “nobody knows what anything is worth,” Einhorn said. “So there’s an enormous number of companies that are dramatically mis-valued in ways that we haven’t seen before.”

(Updates with additional comment from Einhorn starting in the third paragraph)


By Hema Parmar and Sonali Basak


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