Clark Capital: Welcome To The 2H22 Outlook Center

A lot of asset managers tell you about what's already happened in the market and why they think it happened. Surprisingly few have the expertise and the courage to tell you what they think might happen.

Clark Capital is one of the few that publishes an outlook and keeps updating it as conditions change. That makes them extremely valuable . . . you can give your clients the scenarios and better gauge their comfort zone, rather than just passively react when events upset the status quo.

And because you aren't just passively reacting, it's good for you as well. You can educate clients on the possible ways their portfolio will go, make changes in advance if the outcomes are intolerable.

Finally, because the outlook feeds the actual investment strategies, you know that when the Clark outlook shifts, the strategies will dynamically adjust. Clients will be able to see in real time that they're pivoting to get out of the way of a storm . . . or capture an opportunity.

Normally we'd simply mirror the outlook and let you see for yourself. This time, however, Clark has gone out of its way to collect all its mid-year forecasting in a single location that's easy to navigate and digest.

It's right HERE. And it's multimedia so you can swim around a little to absorb all the nuances.


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