Clark Capital: Talking Points Tailored For Your Clients' Frequently Asked Questions

Clark Capital is running a great video program where client portfolio management chief Glenn Dorsey walks advisors through the biggest questions investors are asking these days.

Want to feel the experience first hand? The people who can help are standing by via the VIP Messenger.

It's worth reviewing the latest installments with a note-taking app (or traditional pad of paper) open nearby, because the odds are good that your clients will be looking for guidance on these topics.

In the aggregate, the videos provide a great introduction to the firm's take on the hot investment controversies of the moment. It's always good to find a good philosophical fit . . . or simply get the backstory on where the assumptions that drive a portfolio come from.

And if you're eager to ask Glenn your own questions, he'll be running a live webinar in two weeks. You don't have to be a Clark affiliate to REGISTER

I'm told this series is quite popular so seats may fill up fast.

Recent topics include:

Crypto. How Clark Capital views the cryptocurrency market and provides talking points you can share with your clients. 

Inflation. A historical perspective on how stocks have performed during periods of rising prices. READ MORE

Treasury debt. Why it’s important for investors to own bonds as part of a balanced portfolio. READ MORE

Monetary policy. How markets will react when the Fed changes course. READ MORE


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