Celebrities You Had No Idea Are Actually Heirs To Major Fortunes

While some celebrities have mustered up a fortune of their own - whether it be through their acting careers or foray into creating signature perfumes - some of Hollywood's biggest names are actually the heiresses to even bigger players in the entertainment world and beyond. 

Sporting legacies, revolutionary media tycoons and hotel dynasties are just some of the many industries in which celebrities have inherited from their equally as famous parents. And while many have paved their own way, keeping their family wealth under wraps, others have used it to catapult their careers. 

Below, all the celebrities you had no idea were the heirs to major fortunes. 

Julia Louis Dreyfus

While we fell in love with Julia Louis Dreyfus as Elaine on Seinfeld, Dreyfus is the heiress of the Louis Dreyfus Group - a French company founded in 1851 by the actress' great-great-grandfather, with a now estimated worth of around $3 billion. But considering the award-winning actress was paid an estimated $500,000 per episode for her role on the iconic sitcom, it's safe to say she's paved her own way to riches. 


Brooke Shields 

The actress and famous face is certainly a familiar one on the red carpets of Hollywood, but her roots are centuries-old (and even royalty). Her grandmother was a princess of the House of Torlonia, a wealthy Italian who tended the Vatican's finances for 200 years. 

Nicola Peltz

Nicola Peltz may have made headlines for her recent engagement to Brooklyn Beckham, but what some might not know is she's the heiress to a major fortune. The 25-year-old actress' father, Nelson Peltz, is a billionaire businessman and investor, with an estimated net worth of around $2.7 billion. Pair that with Beckham's parents, former footballer David and fashion icon Victoria, and the pair are on their way to becoming one of the world's biggest power couples. 

Paris & Nicky Hilton

Paris and Nicky Hilton need no introduction, becoming permanent fixtures on the Hollywood scene since their teenage years. Both are successful in their own right, with major business ventures in perfume, fashion and more. But the pair are in fact the great-granddaughters of Conrad Hilton, the founder of hotel dynasty Hilton Hotels. Even so, Paris knows she's paved her own way. "I've proven myself as an intelligent businesswoman who's created a huge brand," she told Moneyish.  

Olivia Wilde

While she's known for her acting, Olivia Wilde also happens to be the heiress of her father's fortune. Olivia’s father, Andrew Cockburn, is a successful journalist and an editor for Harper’s Magazine, while her mother, Leslie Cockburn, is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker. And while she's inherited wealth from her family, she also got the inspiration to start producing films - releasing her latest project Booksmart. 

Gigi & Bella Hadid

The model sister duo may have made their names walking the runways of some of the world's biggest fashion houses, but their father Mohamed Hadid has made a huge fortune as a real-estate developer, building luxury hotels and mansions. Family wealth aside, Bella and Gigi have both dominated the world of fashion, mustering up net worths in the millions. 

Kate & Rooney Mara

Considering that sisters Kate and Rooney Mara are both actresses, you’d think that showbusiness was in their blood. However, the two are actually the granddaughters of NFL royalty. Their grandfathers founded the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers football teams, creating a family fortune that’s reportedly worth billions.

This article originally appeared on InStyle.


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