Caroline Flack Net Worth Estimated At $8 Million

Caroline Flack, an actress best known for hosting the British reality show, Love Island, leaves behind an estate valued at $8 million. Flack died earlier today in an apparent suicide at the age of 40.

Before her four-year stint as Love Island‘s host, Flack made her big break on the sketch show Bo’Selecta! and held a number of television hosting and presenting jobs including The X Factor and Britain’s Got More Talent. She came from humble beginnings, first working in a slaughterhouse before getting into acting and presenting and eventually growing her net worth.

Caroline Flack Had An Extensive Television Resume

The website for Britain’s Capital FM noted that the majority of Flack’s estimated $8 million net worth came through her work on television. A considerable portion came from her recent gig on Love Island, a job that Flack left late last year after being accused of assault by her ex-boyfriend.

As the Mirror reported, Flack recently tripled her salary on the show with a contract worth roughly $1.6 million per year. This new contract came with an announcement that the show would be running twice each year, doubling Flack’s workload with the addition of a version of the show airing in the winter.

A source told the British newspaper that Flack’s good negotiating skills were key in securing the big payday. The source said that Flack understood just how important she had become to the dating reality show and to the network itself.

“Caroline negotiates a good deal. She drove a hard bargain. It is thoroughly deserved and she is highly valued at ITV,” the source said. “Her fee for two months each year was [close to $600,000] plus expenses but she’d only agree to commit to both series with a massive pay rise.”

The source added that television execs found the deal to be well worth it given the role Flack had come to play on the show.

“She has really risen up through the ranks at ITV and is a hit on Love Island,” the source added. “She’s part of the ­furniture — the show wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Flack had a number of other television gigs before Love Island, including Gladiators, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! NOW!This Morning, and The Xtra Factor.

Flack Worked As A Fashion Designer

Aside from her work on television, Flack was also known for her style and in 2018 launched her own fashion line through the company River Island.

As Flack told the site, she wanted to put together a summer collection inspired by “sunshine and falling in love.”

“It’s bright, practical and the perfect capsule range for a holiday,” she said. “Any friends that I’ve secretly shown the collection to have told me it’s totally me, it’s like I’m walking into my own wardrobe!”

Flack frequently took to Instagram to show off some of her designs and other pieces from her long-running promotional work with River Island.

The 40-year-old had a number of other business endeavors, including promotions for other companies. She was also reportedly writing a self-help book at the time of her death.

This article originally appeared on Inquisitr.


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