Cardiologists name main risks of heart attack, including work stress

( The Polish Center for Heart Diseases in the city of Zabrze has compiled a national database of heart diseases, the analysis of which has led to several interesting conclusions, TASS reported.

It turned out that the heart does not like Mondays. As you know, one of the factors that increases the risk of heart attack is stress at work. Therefore, 17% of heart attacks occur on the first working day after the weekend. On other days, from Tuesday to Friday, about 15% of such cases occur. And on weekends - only 11-12%.

It was previously believed that most heart attacks occur in the morning. An analysis of Polish cardiologists has disproved this judgment. As it turned out, in the morning from 6am to 12 pm accounted for 27% of heart attacks, and for the period between noon and 6pm- 35%. In the evening, attacks occur in 22% of the cores, and night is the safest time.

Despite the low risk of a heart attack during the days and hours of rest, the period of vacation and travel is not among the most prosperous. On the first and last day of vacation, the risk of heart attack, on the contrary, increases several times.

High temperatures also do not bode well for cores. After 20 degrees above zero, the risk of heart attack increases exponentially with each degree. But frosts also belong to risk factors. Sudden changes in temperature are especially harmful. If you go out in your pajamas in the cold, the probability of a heart attack is much higher than if you dress in the weather.

But the main enemy of the heart is not cold weather, but the consequences of a person’s attempts to warm his houses by heating them with low-quality coal or garbage. As you know, because of this, smog appears in cities. In periods when air quality is poor, the number of heart attacks in hospitals rises by 12%.


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