Burney Has Opened Its Industry-Leading Platform To The Advisor Community

(Burney Advisor Services) A few months ago, The Burney Company, an Investment Advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange
Commission, formally launched Burney Advisor Services (BAS), its platform serving breakaway and independent RIAs with investment research, asset management, technology and cybersecurity, transition support, peer advisor networking, and more.

The flexible solution supports advisor independence by delivering tools that enable advisors to excel, through a fair and transparent pricing model. 

“For decades, we’ve supported advisors with our active investment tools and analytics, allowing them to offer better investment management solutions to their clients,” says Lowell Pratt, BAS President, “Pairing that with industry-leading technology supplemented by proprietary technology and cybersecurity offering, we’re excited to launch BAS and empower independent advisors to take their firms to the next level.”

BAS is uniquely positioned to serve both breakaway and independent RIAs through three service packages, tailoring support levels to the unique needs of each firm. 

“There are more investment advisors than ever evaluating how to go about establishing their own RIAs, and existing RIAs who are looking to integrate more services and solutions into their practices through strategic partnerships,” says Pratt, “Through the BAS platform, we are proud to offer many of the systems traditionally provided by broker-dealers, but without the high costs and commitments they impose on their advisors.”

BAS utilizes an active investment philosophy to meet client needs by leveraging alternatives as well as traditional investments. Partnering with BAS allows RIAs to access trading technology, model portfolios, research, and more – a fully outsourced investment management solution designed to make running RIAs easier.  

Through BAS, advisors also have access to the community support of other independent firms and advisors. Offering conferences, networking opportunities, and sub-communities, BAS connects advisors with similar goals, ideas, and priorities – serving as a catalyst for identifying mergers, acquisitions, and succession plans.

“BAS is committed to providing independents with the flexible support they need – and the income and independence they deserve,” says Pratt. “Whether an advisor is launching an RIA for the first time or is looking to grow their practice without the stress of managing everything themself, a partnership with BAS means access to valuable tools, resources, and advice. Our goal is to help advisors reach their next level of growth and success.”


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