AssetMark: You Are Your Clients' Personal Tech Support

AssetMark puts out a lot of advisor support materials. I was impressed with the 5-step referral worksheet and the client video suggestions but the virtual meeting checklist ultimately blew me away.

Want to liberate your resources in order to reach for added client value? That's what TAMP world is all about. AssetMark welcomes direct contact.

The reason was buried at the very bottom:

Be prepared to provide tech support to your clients .While most video/web conferencing tools are intuitive today, they may be foreign to your clients. As you practice the first few times with a trusted partner, note the experience your partner has as he/she joins you online. Your tech support will likely not be heavy lifting, it will be walking new users through what to click, etc.

As someone who has run a lot of virtual meetings in the past year, I have to agree with the simple pragmatic truth of this. You run a lot of meetings. They might only attend a handful a year. 

And while you're probably familiar with the "webinar" format, they've probably only experienced it from the audience side. New interactive meeting environments are a two-way conversation. That's new to a lot of people.

Of course, they're learning. But if you can help them learn, they'll not only be grateful . . . they'll embrace these tools that extend your professional reach.

That's a good thing.


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