After Divorce & FTX Disaster, $250 Million Tom Brady Now Accused Of ‘Charity Fraud’

( - To say that Tom Brady is having a bad year would be an understatement. In the starting phase of the season, we saw Tom taking an unprecedented leave of absence for 11 days.

When he returned, he claimed that he was dealing with a lot of personal sh*t. This sparked rumors that things aren’t going well between him and Gisele. Soon, more reports emerged that Gisele wasn’t happy with Tom deciding to un-retire ahead of the 2022 season.

Although sources close to the couple claimed that football wasn’t the reason behind things going awry between the couple, they did make it clear that the two stars have actually started drifting apart and soon, Tom and Gisele announced their divorce publicly.

Tom Brady Has Now Been Named In a Brand New Controversy

If things weren’t bad already, FTX, the crypto exchange in which Tom and Gisele had invested heavily, recently went bankrupt. To make matters worse, on behalf of American consumers, a lawsuit was filed against Tom and Gisele in the FTX crash matter for $11 Billion.

Moreover, thus far, Tom’s season hasn’t been as fruitful as he would have liked. Although his team has picked up some momentum at this point, they didn’t start off well.

In fact, Tom’s angry outbursts have also earned him a lot of criticism this year. His tablet-breaking spree forced the league to send memos to every NFL team to not mishandle the tabs.

Amidst all this, another controversy surrounding $250 million worth Tom Brady has taken center stage. According to reports, Tom’s charitable organization, the TB12 foundation has been accused of giving heaps of cash to Tom’s for-profit company, TB12 Inc.

As per The Daily Beast, the TB12 foundation has given more than $1.6 million to TB12 Inc. In fact, as per reports, a lot of the money provided by the foundation was used to provide sports therapy sessions.

As per the official website, the TB12 foundation takes care of athletes in need by providing them state of the art facilities, nutritional advice and the right kind of coaching. With this controversy now taking center stage, things for Tom in the near future at least aren’t looking that great.

By Shubham Bhargav
November 21, 2022


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