Absolute Capital: Ready For Growth? Here's How To DOUBLE Your AUM

(Absolute Capital) Oftentimes, one of the first conversations you have with a client is about their 401(k), a fundamental building block of sound retirement planning. Yet most times, the discussion stalls as you are limited in how you can help them. What a missed opportunity!

For many of your clients, this account is their largest asset, and few plan participants have the time, training or temperament to manage these assets on their own. Some make initial allocations in consultation with a brochure or their officemates and leave it at that. As these accounts grow, suddenly there is a real nest egg that can make a substantial difference in their lives, if managed with your guidance.

Many advisors think they have to wait for the rollover to be able to assist their clients with these significant assets. They fail to realize that they can help their clients today – with their current company plan, while the client is still working. Absolute Capital’s WIN platform allows you to do this with the ease of integrated aggregate reporting and direct billing to the account you are advising on. Your client’s retirement account does not have to sit without proper management any longer!

Want the details and a channel to learn more? Absolute Capital has put together a great informational guide to the subject HERE.


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