AAMA: Why Tactical Beta Provides A Smoother Ride

As an advisor, you know all too well that the investment road is rife with bumps, potholes and potential wrong turns.  

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This makes the “set it and forget it” approach to investing unappealing to most clients. They don’t have the patience to navigate through the many ups-and-downs. Or they simply want to be more active.

For these types of clients who are better-suited for a dynamic, managed approach to portfolio growth — AAMA recommends something called “Tactical Beta.”  

Tactical Beta can help provide a smoother ride for investors. And that’s one reason why the blog that AAMA recently wrote about it generated considerable buzz amongst RIAs and broker-dealers:   

Tactical Beta: The Client-Friendly Growth Strategy   

As you’ll discover when you read it — Tactical Beta is an approach that allows us to collaborate with you, while dynamically adapting to client needs.  

First we partner with you in order to help you optimally manage clients’ investment experience. This includes transparency and accessibility.

Second, we rely on a highly disciplined, fundamentally-rooted investment process (the Tactical Beta process) that leans on market pricing and sector valuation to identify segments of the market positioned for growth (to overweight).  

And positions of the market at higher risk of decline (to underweight).

This process is one advisors and clients can understand, which doesn’t get caught up in trends or hype, and that provides natural tax efficiency. 

It also helps provide independence, another one of our core values.   

Tactical Beta provides an opportunity to pursue the appropriate amount of growth potential within a framework that provides the potential to reduce downside risk.   

This blog is must-read for any advisor with clients who want controlled risk, yet meaningful near and long-term growth potential:  

Tactical Beta: The Client-Friendly Growth Strategy

P.S.—Once you’ve read that blog using either of the links above, chances are you’ll want to learn more and potentially get started with Tactical Beta.

If and when that’s the case, we recommend you fill out their simple form on the site to begin the conversation with one of the investment leads on their team here.


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