Think About Becoming an Independent RIA? New Whitepaper From Pershing is Recommended Reading

The “Destination RIA: What to Expect and How to Prepare for Independence” whitepaper provides advisors with the framework needed to begin to develop a well-thought-out strategy for going independent.

Find out what Mark Tibergien, Managing Director and CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions, has to say about the process of going independent and learn the steps you’ll need to take.

Here’s critical reading for those looking to begin a path towards independence that will help make the journey smoother. In the “Destination RIA’s “What to Expect and How to Prepare for Independence” whitepaper, advisors interested in going out on their own will find the most recent trends that are defining the Independent RIA space and factors that any individual or team should consider while making this career-defining decision.

The numbers are on your side. According to research published by Cerulli Associates, as of 2015, 23.3 percent of all financial advisor assets in the U.S. were managed by Independent RIAs. That’s up from just 13.5 percent in 2005, and that number is expected to grow to 28 percent by 2020. 

Pershing’s whitepaper takes the time to show the true value of independence when planning your exit. You’ll learn how banks, consolidators, private equity firms, and other RIAs are acquiring RIAs in record numbers, underscoring the potential for selling the business in the future.

Within the whitepaper, advisors will find a detailed review of the benefits of the independent business model, explore the dimensions of an RIA firm, and come to understand the responsibilities of an owner-advisor, from building and managing an organization to setting up your hardware and software.

The whitepaper looks at important distinctions between different opportunities in the RIA space—from starting a new firm to engaging with existing firms and infrastructure alternatives. Inside, you’ll also find out the difference between a plain vanilla RIA and a Hybrid RIA, and learn what solution might be best for your independence.

The whitepaper will teach you how to communicate to your clients that you’re going independent and how to successfully manage the transition. You will also find three real world examples that show a path to success through the personal accounts of peers. 

Advisors looking for help should download this free report and learn what it takes to begin the process, it’s highly recommended.

You can download it for FREE, by clicking here


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