Poll: Wealth Advisors Want Future iPhones to Do This

Wealth advisors and managers alike now depend more on their smartphones than ever before.  They have told us that the iPhone is their phone of choice.

So late last year we asked our readers to tell us what they want their iphones to do in coming  roll outs that would motivate them to upgrade to a newer model.

80% want their phones to support two lines with two separate phone numbers run on the same chassis. They tell us many carry around two phones, one for personal use and the other for business. Both phones have the same apps. So they believe Apple should listen and make them better by supporting two SIM cards, with two lines and let the visual software manage use.

70% want their phone to be more helpful at company meetings - especially long ones. They want the Siri app to be able to record and transcribe long meetings and reduce the content to short summaries to be sent automatically by text, Slack or email to the attendees right after the meeting.

60% want better battery management such as using the phone's voice or alerting systems. They say that the phone should tell them when the phone needs to be charged and when it shouldn’t be disconnected to optimize battery life. Right now they say they have no idea when to put the phone on the charger or not.

50% want intuitive app mangement. Most say they can never find an app when they need it, and would like the phone to reorder the apps based on most use during the day.  

40% like the wallet but want it it be smarter. They would like built in spreadsheet that would present aggragate spending by card which could be configured by day week or month depending upon the settings. They also said an search option would be helpfull too, so they would know, for example how much they spent at a particular store.

30% we’re happy with their phones just the way they are.

20% want a forced digital detox feature so the phone would turn into a brick for any number of hours, even days keep them human and not as robots.

And finally 10% one of the phone to tell them what to do when bored. They say if the phone is so smart it should be able to recommend what they should eat for breakfast lunch and dinner,  go or do based on their phone activities.


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